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Medical Insurance and Injuries

The Yarra Junior Football League carries medical insurance to assist with the costs should a player, official, coach or volunteer need medical treatment as a result of an on-field injury - be it during a game or during training.

Anybody from our club who wishes to make a claim should first visit YJFL insurance website where they will find full details of the insurance cover and where they can download a claims form and forward completed form to:

Locked Bag 6003
Wheelers Hill Vic 3150


Phone: 1300 134 956
Fax:  03 8652 9111

After completing the form they should arrange to have it signed by the club president or secretary and then proceed with their claim as outlined on the form.

In addition to making a claim through YJFL, we also ask that anyone who is affected by an injury - whether it be during a game or at training, to complete our standard Injury Report Form and return it to The Secretary –  PO. Box 3035 Doncaster East, The Pines  Vic.  3109.

By completing our form you will allow us to keep track of these incidents and enable us to assist and support you.

A guide to use in deciding whether an incident should be recorded is all injury incidents where:

  • A player has to be taken from the ground due to an injury and requires treatment or
  • Has to attend a doctor or hospital following a game or training.

We also point out that YJFL has elected to upgrade the cover to Platinum, a higher level which basically extends the limit of cover for each individual claim.

Further information is available from

Yarra-Junior-Sporting-Accident-Claim-Form.pdf Yarra-Junior-Sporting-Accident-Claim-Form.pdf (733kB)