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Want to give Football a try this season ?

Find out why Football is one of the fastest-growing female sports in Australia.

Start your football journey at BHJFC where we strive to provide girls with the best environment to have fun, make friends and build a love for the sport.

Since the inauguration of Girls Football at Beverley Hills in 2016, we have helped provide many girls with the opportunity to participate in one of Australia’s most loved sports. Register today and come join one of our amazing girl's football teams.

Girls Football Programs

Just for Kicks

2-Day Program sponsored by BHJFC and the CHANGE OUR GAME Community Activation Grant filled will games and fun workshops. Girls participated in fitness & conditioning drills, football skills workshops with professional AFLW Coaches, and AFLW Player appearances.

Girls Football Development Day

½ Day Program sponsored by BHJFC and the MACCAS ON YOUR TEAM Grant. A holistic developmental program focusing on Football Skills Development, Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition & Myotherapy targeted for active girls.

Protective Gear Program

Kickstarted with a grant from AFL VIC, BHJFC is a proud supporter of Protective Gear for our Girl's Football program. We promote the use of helmets and protective vests for breast injury prevention. Since 2022 we’ve helped put girls in the best gear to ensure they are well-equipped.

Social & Resilience Programs

Research shows that many girls participate in sport and are more likely to remain engaged in sports to feel connected with their friends. Yes, for girls it is very much a social experience as well as for the thrill of competition and skills development. At BHJFC we strive to provide girls with many social programs as well as activities to help build their resilience and take them outside of their comfort zones. At BHJFC, Players are encouraged to make friends and build social skills whilst developing their football skills.


Girls Football

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