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BHJFC History

In 1967 a Public Meeting was called by the Fitzroy Football Club, the outcome of which was the formation of the Doncaster and District Junior Football League, of which Beverley Hills was a foundation member. At a meeting held in December 1967, at the home of John Thompson, it was decided in conjunction with Les Smith and Jim Tonkin to form a football club in the East Doncaster area.

A further meeting was held and other interested persons were invited. At this meeting a constitution was adopted, Les Smith was elected President and John Thompson was elected Secretary. All other positions were filled and it was decided to field sides in both competitions provided by the League, Under 12’s and Under 14’s in 1968.

After considerable discussion regarding a name for the Club and due to the total lack of funds and equipment, it was decided to call the club Beverley Hills Football Club, as it was thought that with this name, the Club may be able to borrow jumpers from the Beverley Hills Primary School.

Before the start of the 1968 Season, our Club was advised that the Fitzroy Football Club would donate a set of jumpers in Fitzroy colours to any new club formed especially to enter in YJFL. As Beverley Hills was the only new club we notified the YJFL that our colours would be maroon and blue. Shortly afterwards, we were advised that two sets of jumpers would be presented to us. This was later amended to half a set, however, the jumpers were never received, so a fortnight before the first match the Club purchased two sets of jumpers in Fitzroy colours. 

In 1982 the junior component of the Club broke ranks with the seniors to form the Club as we now know it, the Beverley Hills Junior Football Club. The seniors still playing at Zerbes Reserve are now known as the Doncaster East Football Club.

In 1983 with the co-operation of the East Doncaster Cricket Club and the Doncaster East Football Club, major extensions were undertaken to the pavilion including a new change room and social rooms. This work was planned and mostly erected by members associated with all three clubs. 1986 saw the Club become an Incorporated Body, which meant the adoption of a new Constitution.

In 1993, improvements were made to the ground by the council and funds allocated to erect a new pavilion in 1995/96.  The Beverley Hills Junior Football Club, originating from humble beginnings, has built up a fine tradition in the community and the Yarra Junior Football League is extremely proud of it’s contribution to our great game of Australian Rules.

Over the years many boys have come and gone but the large majority have stayed for the duration of their careers in junior ranks. Many boys have gone on to play 100 and 150 games with the Club. Some have one on to AFL level whilst many play at senior level in local competitions. Above all, most cherish the memory of playing in our Club. 

Our prodigal son is Paul Roos, who played all his junior football with the Club and is now one of the greats in AFL ranks. In 1993, Darren Bourke was drafted to St. Kilda and in 1994, Emil Parthenides was drafted to the Sydney Swans, Mark Cullen to the Carlton Football Club, and more recently Adam Kingsley to Port Power and Michael Clark to Melbourne. We can now add Stephen Gilham to this list as he was drafted by Port Adelaide before moving to Hawthorn and John Baird to the Kangaroos in 2002. Julian Rowe was picked by Collingwood before moving to Essendon and in 2005 Marc Murphy went to Carlton at number 1 in the National Draft. 2006 saw Nathan Batsanis and David Mackay head to Port Adelaide and Adelaide respectivley having starred in the Oakleigh Chargers TAC Cup Premiership win.

The preceding paragraphs represent a brief summary of our history and how it all started. Other parts of our history are recorded in Honour Boards included in this book and in the social rooms, but these do not completely demonstrate the real strength of the Club since 1968, and that has been the tireless commitment of parents and most importantly the players. 

BHJFC Life Members

1973 Les Smith

1974 Bill Holly

1976 Jim Tonkin

1976 Lin Hartley

1977 Len Newham (Dec’d)

1978 Doug King

1979 Russell Jury (Dec’d)

1980 Leon Robertson

1981Rob Fairweather

1982 Lorraine Hewittson

1982 Colin Blain

1983 Jan Prince

1983 Steve Stevens

1984 Ian Sharkie

1984 John Thomson

1985 Rob Rennison

1986 Marg Daish

1987 Ian Love

1988 Lois Sharkie

1988 John Prince

1989 David Woods

1989 Geoff Daish

1990 Lyn Woods

1990 George Barton

1991 Pam Barton

1991 Max Bromage

1992 Diane Stoner

1992 Alf Stoner

1993 Irene Bromage

1993 Lee Cooper

1994 Sandra Kiddle

1994 Tony Tobin 

1995 Brian Barugh

1995 John Kiddle

1996 Val Orr

1996 Marty McMillan

1997 Paul Carrigan

1997 Sue Tobin

1997 Lyn Barugh

1998 Murray Chambers

1998 Martin Sheales

1999 Dianne Sheales

1999 Craig Lyn

2000 Stephen Stewart

2000 David Sowersby

2000 Edwin Taitz

2001 Colin Gilbert

2001 Robert Redmond

2002 Monica Smith

2002 Geoff Hibbert

2003 Andrew Gale

2004 Stephen Mead 

2004 Morris Paolini

2004 Franca Paolini

2005 Michael Duncan

2005 Jenny Daicos

2006 Bryan Kenealy

2007 David Whalan

2008 Gavin Martin

2008 Jenny Lowther

2008 Connie Costanzo

2009 Lucy Mascali

2009 Michael Gordon

2009 Silvia Mascitti

2011 Joe Mezgec

2012 Julie Martyn

2012 Anthony Phillips

2013 Jim Pahos

2013 Tony DeLuca

2014 Andrew Caldwell

2014 Emma Gelsumini

2015 Lisa Jones

2015 Enia Kakaflikas

2016 Cindy Fairweather

2017 Tim Phillips

2017 Peter Rush

2018 David Ryan

2019 Linda Rallakis

2021 Claude Bernardo

2021 Andrea Corbally

2022 Brett Chandler

Player Honour Board

Paul Roos Fitzroy

Chris Smith Fitzroy

Jeff McIllwain Richmond

John Peter-Budge St. Kilda

Dean Finnis  Fitzroy

Mark Browning Sydney

David Henry Richmond

Darren Bourke St. Kilda

Dean Rossely Fitzroy

Ashley Hewitson Melbourne

Michael Tout  Fitzroy

Ashley Walker Fitzroy

Cameron Moore Fitzroy

Mark Cullen Carlton

Emil Parthenidis Sydney

Paul DiGiovine Western Bulldogs

Adam Kingsley Port Power

Michael Clark Melbourne

Stephen Gilham Port Power/Hawthorn

Julian Rowe Collingwood

John Baird Kangaroos

Marc Murphy Carlton

David MacKay Adelaide

Nathan Batsanis Port Power

Thomas Gordon Collingwood

Christian Petracca Melbourne

Blake Hardwick Hawthorn

Tom Phillips Collingwood

Sam McLarty Collingwood

Ed Phillips  St Kilda

Michael Swan

Isaac Quaynor  Collingwood

Will Phillips  North Melbourne

Bailey Laurie  Melbourne

Lachie Rankin Sydney Swans

Gary Sammartino Eastern Rangers

Shannon Cooper Eastern Rangers

Daniel DenBraber Eastern Rangers

Kris Oakley Oakleigh Chargers

Mitchell Nibbs Oakleigh Chargers

Adam Molinaro Oakleigh Chargers

Mark Gnatt Oakleigh Chargers

Simon Phan Oakleigh Chargers

Adam Joffe Oakleigh Chargers

Alex Theodorou Eastern Rangers

Micheal Devine Oakleigh Chargers

Stephen Gilham Oakleigh Chargers

Cameron Antonino Oakleigh Chargers

Hayden Cotsford Oakleigh Chargers

Anthony Marguccio Oakleigh Chargers

Julian Rowe Oakleigh Chargers

Nathan Batsanis Oakleigh Chargers

David Mckay Oakleigh Chargers

Tom Phillips Oakleigh Chargers

Blake Hardwick Eastern Ranges

Sam McLarty Oakleigh Chargers

Ed Phillips Oakleigh Chargers

Daniel Stanford Oakleigh Chargers

Riley Jones Oakleigh Chargers

Charlie Thompson Oakleigh Chargers

Isaac Quaynor Oakleigh Chargers

Amber Micallef Oakleigh Chargers

Charlotte Taylor Oakleigh Chargers

Will Phillips Oakleigh Chargers

Bailey Laurie Oakleigh Chargers

Giorgio Varagiannis Oakleigh Chargers

Lachie Godden Oakleigh Chargers

Lachie Rankin Oakleigh Chargers

Max Thompson Oakleigh Chargers

Darcy Jones Northern Knights

Nick McLarty Oakleigh Chargers

Ralf Faulwetter Fitzroy

David Marino Fitzroy

Darren Odgers Fitzroy

Michael Jackson Fitzroy

David Swan Fitzroy

Paul Skerry Fitzroy

Shaul Ellis Fitzroy

Steven Harvey Fitzroy

Campbell Glover Fitzroy

Marshall Adam Fitzroy

Dean Bromage Fitzroy

Amber Micallef Carlton VFCW

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